Core Proposals (so far)

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Core Proposals (so far)

Post by jpw » Fri Aug 24, 2018 12:55 am

Just recording this to have a more permanent record than IRC can provide.
Please feel free to chime in/bluntly correct/etc.

Core network ideas (mostly gtaylor's):

-A core set of concentrators forming the "backbone" of RetroNet. The option of these concentrators interconnecting via something that could land on a physical device is something I'd really like to explore. IPsec was mentioned, but not fleshed out.
-Clients would connect via devices (perhaps RPi, or some form of Linux machine) that would connect to the "backbone" using MPLS over the WireGuard VPN; connecting via network hardware could be an option
-Routing handled mostly at the client
-Clients could connect to each other, bypassing some of the more "centralized" functions, if they wanted to connect their machines to each other privately
-Would be ideal to support TCP/IP, NetBIOS, DECnet, X.25, AppleTalk, SNA, IPX/SPX, and essentially anything that can be delivered inside of/encapsulated by the MPLS tunnel

Core services:

-Web hosting (perhaps supporting what Apache calls "UserDirs")
-Chat (IRC, XMPP, ??)

As I see it, gtaylor is pretty much the network engineering lead on this, since he's taken the greatest initiative thus far.
However, I don't want him to feel as though the entire networking side of things is on his shoulders.

He has also graciously registered the domain, and is administering DNS for same.

We have some basic ancillary infrastructure laid down:

-An IRC channel (; channel #retronet)
-Two mailing lists ({retronet,retronet-core}
-A phpBB forum (
-A MediaWiki installation (

I am hosting the above four in the datashed network, which is something I would like to continue doing.

Anything I'm missing?

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